Design and Test, To Protect

Earthing and Lightning Protection Services


THOR Earthing is a sole proprietary which is registered with the following legislative bodies and institutions:

  • Department of Labour, as an Electrical Contractor
  • ECA (Electrical Contractor’s Association)
  • ECB (Electrical Conformance Board)
  • ELPA (Earthing and Lightning Protection Association)


A Holistic Approach to Earthing, Lightning Protection and Electrical Reticulation

Safety is our priority. Our aim is to assist in reducing the possibility of fatalities and equipment damage, not only during thunder storms, but also when earth faults occur. This can only be achieved through diligent designs based on lightning risk assessments, which are SANS/IEC 62305 compliant. Lightning Protection systems also require regular inspections and certification.

These assessments must be done ethically and should comply with regulatory standards. We aspire to maintain the highest standards of business integrity, through fair and honest business practices.

We strive to grow and empower maintenance staff by offering comprehensive, practical on site, earthing and lightning protection training courses.

Lightning is extremely dangerous, hence there is a necessity to protect humans, animals and equipment, through safe designs, testing, and education.